My Wasteland 

This song was inspired by the book "The Road"  by Cormac McCarthy.  It's an intense, personal story of post-apocalyptic America. Visions of walking through desolate scenes, hiding from people, knowing the may try to take advantage of you, feeling that you may be better off alone anyways. Maybe we all feel like this sometimes. Maybe the end of the world as we know it isn't the only catalyst for this scene. 

road is empty 
desolate and tumbleweeds 
pavement plenty 
yellow line to hear my screams 

trudging on 
looking for someone to feel 
setting sun 
convincing me that this is real 

My Wasteland. It's my wasteland. 

field is burning 
smothering and I can't breathe 
what's concerning 
is I don't want your sweet relief 

stumble on 
a thousand people with a prize 
surrounded by a crowd of lies 

My Wasteland. It's my wasteland.