SV - Vocals & Energy
Ian Kaloyanides - Guitar, Baritone, and Vocals
Ken Cerreto - Guitar and Baritone
David Jamison - Drums and Percussion
Numba9ne (Josh Prost) - Bass & Songwriting

OCTAVATE is a Boston-based five-piece heavy alternative rock band whose catalog (including EPs “Better Never Than Late" and "I'm The Machine," and a slew of single drops into early 2024) is in heavy rotation throughout the greater Boston area. You ’ll hear influences from Audioslave, Incubus, and Tool, but the sound is ultimately unique, driven by unorthodox instrumentation (if you don't know what a baritone is, you'll find out), relentless live energy, and songs that seek to deconstruct humanity's most egregious crimes against each other and the planet we inhabit. Go see Octavate as they melt faces and do their part to burgeon the wonderful rock community of New England.

SV is that ball of energy on stage that just lit the place on fire.  He is the frontman and the unmistakeable voice of Octavate. You can clearly hear his words and message in the songs - the vocals are not only understandable, but meaningful. In a time where other rock seems to overproduce lyrics away into a buzz of sound and scream, SV makes Octavate songs personal and memorable. SV leads Spartan Valley, and hosts a Twitch channel that’ s recently exploded with weekly followers and watchers. After success in local bands as well as creating original music in other rock projects, SV and Numba9ne joined forces to create Octavate. Now, with David Jamison (Drums), Ian Kal (Guitar) and Ken Cerreto (Guitar), they are taking the Boston music scene by storm.

Formerly with the band No Way Back, Ian Kal joined Octavate in May 2022 on guitar and backing vocals. Ian's multiple-genre influenced guitar playing has elevated Octavate. His cruncy chops, ethereal solos, and creative ideas on guitar and baritone are what gives Octavate that distinct growl. You can hear his influences in his playing style: Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, Foo Fighters, and Tool (to name a few), and you can feel the positive energy that he brings on stage.

Ken joined up with Octavate in the summer of 2022. Ken's guitar and baritone have added more depth and nuance to Ian K’s brilliant playing, a different yet complementary flavor that keeps Octavate on its toes. He’s the hot sauce.  Ken's solos are not your dad's solos. They are unique, heavy, and bold.  In his previous band, The Winter Project, Ken’s lead guitar work elevated the band’s sound both live and in the studio, breathing hard rock guitar life into their lonesome dirges and gloomy alt-rock sound. Now he brings that energy to Octavate, sharing lead and rhythm duties with Ian. 

David joined Octavate in late 2022. David’s life traveling and playing drums brought him to the Boston area in 2022, and to a serendipitous gig with Octavate that would prove to be the beginning of the next musical chapter in his life. Now with Octavate, he’s back home in the sound of his earliest influences after a roundabout career path through pop, folk and Americana. These styles have added an approach to Octavate songs that have allowed the band to explore different sounds and take things in an exciting new direction. But make no mistake after hearing these whispers of diversity. David is a bad ass rock drummer that turns heads whenever he's holding a piece of wood. He is the glue that keeps our world together, and the coals that keep the night hot. Anyone that comes to see an Octavate show will remember David.

Numba9ne is the bass behind this place, and the primary songwriter of Octavate. His songs usually are fueled by bass lines that have roots in guitar riffs more than blues scales. His out of left field approach to bass playing comes from years of playing guitar and baritone, and listening to bass players that do not follow the everyday rock bass player mantra. He has been writing songs since the early '90s and has played the Boston Scene for three decades. In addition to Octavate, he founded Jack Prost Band, a more Pop-Rock project, and Numba9ne, a much heavier Rock / Alternative project that’ s still releasing fantastic Boston Rock. JP is also a DJ on Harmonic Headspace, a live worldwide syndicated radio show on Wave Radio Boston.